comments to مؤقتات الصلاة 2012/11/26 at 10:16 م junaid wheed al-shaheri says: In the name of God the Merciful … and peace and blnsgiess be upon the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad, peace be upon him) But after .. In the beginning I honor that I technicians who made ​​me the honor to be a member of the technical staff who worked in the company of civilization for the electronics industries degree (assistant engineer) and worked in all the work that cost the company (organizations – all steps … Bord organizer .. Filf8rns. . prayer calendar) And I expect this company progress and prosperity because they rightly deserve piece .. (because the real guarantee for two years .. and continuous monitoring of the Director-General and even the maintenance technician and this guarantee up to switch the entire regulator if necessary And deal honestly with all customers without Tmiazotbdel spare parts with new ones, authentic and Bayada skilled and technical secretary. There Ymtabah grandparents of Mr. Essam Al Omari Director-General to pursue the work in all its details (for quality and durability remain Company Npras and ambition for the future of the finest > Finally .. I ask God to fully reconcile and sophistication Please accept my sincere wishes for success Junaid Waheed al-shaheri [url=]lxqwggkv[/url] [link=]qlzczrg[/link]

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